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Is a flat tire on my Honda vehicle covered by my warranty?

Flat tire warranty information for a Honda vehicle 

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a flat tire. Often, you can change out your flat tire for a spare that comes with your vehicle, but the spare tire is only a temporary fix. We don’t want you to be stranded, so read on below to learn about your options and whether your Honda tire is covered by a warranty. 

Are my vehicle’s tires covered by a Honda warranty? 

The original tires on your Honda vehicle are not covered by a Honda warranty unless certain additional warranty coverage was purchased. Otherwise, your tires will be covered by the tire manufacturer. If your vehicle’s tires went flat due to a defect in the tire itself, then you should contact the tire manufacturer’s customer assistance line or ask a Honda dealership to reach out to the tire manufacturer for you. If your flat tire was caused by running over a nail or hitting some other road hazard, then the tire manufacturer will not cover a replacement. 

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Is my tire covered if it goes flat due to a road hazard? 

Your tire may be covered in the situation of a road hazard if you purchased Honda Canada’s optional Roadside Assistance package. If you ran over a nail or other object that caused a flat tire, then your tire will be covered only with this additional warranty purchase. 

Honda Canada Roadside Assistance package 

The Honda Canada Roadside Assistance offers a toll-free emergency hotline for issues such as flat tires. Emergency services include tire changes, emergency transportation if your vehicle breaks down, and trip interruption benefits. You can learn more about the Honda Canada Roadside Assistance on Honda.ca. If you get a flat tire and have purchased these services, feel free to give them a call for assistance. 

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