A 2020 Honda Passport on a snowy terrain

2020 Honda Passport Performance Features

How powerful is the 2020 Honda Passport? 

The 2020 Honda Passport has passport in its name for a reason. This vehicle wants to travel with you across the globe. It’s the perfect adventure SUV, equipped with a powerful engine and intuitive off-road features to help you get where you want to go. Keep reading below to learn about the 2020 Honda Passport performance features and power ratings with Steele Honda. 

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A Honda Insight speeding on a road

How to jump start a Honda Insight vehicle

Can you jump-start or boost an electric vehicle?

What can you do when your electric car’s battery dies? Just like gas-powered vehicles, you can jump-start or boost your electric vehicle using the correct method. Learn how to jump-start a Honda Insight vehicle with the quick video below by Honda Canada. Check out our inventory of new Honda vehicles here at Steele Honda.

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The eco-friendly award winning 2018 Honda Clarity

Honda Vehicle CO2 Emissions Indicator

Where can I find information about my Honda vehicle’s CO2 emissions? 

Honda Canada has released green Emissions Indicators on its website to show its customers transparent information about the CO2 emissions ratings for each Honda vehicle. Below, we are going to walk you through how you can use this information to purchase an eco-friendly Honda vehicle from your local dealership. 

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