A 2022 Honda Pilot ascending a hill

Which Interior and Technology Features are Available in the 2022 Honda Pilot?

Interior and Tech Features of the 2022 Honda Pilot 

With outstanding capabilities and sophisticated features, the 2022 Honda Pilot is a sporty utility vehicle popular in the category of midsize SUVs. It is not only powerful and stylish from the outside but also spacious and comfortable from the inside. Loaded with premium interior, vast cargo space, and leading-edge technology functions, the 2022 Pilot is road-ready for all your adventures. Continue reading to know more about the interior and tech features of the 2022 Honda Pilot. You can also explore more about this model by browsing our inventory at Steele Honda in St. John’s, LA.

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A flat tire of a car on a tarred road

How to Fix a Flat Tire of any Car on Your Own?

Easy Steps to Change a Flat Tire all by Yourself

A flat tire can happen to anyone any day and mostly shows up unexpectedly while traveling for extended trips or off-road adventures. It can hamper your important meetings, getaways, or even a typical commute day. Whether you own a car, van, SUV, or truck, the basic mechanics of changing a tire are the same for all four-wheelers, regardless of the vehicle or situation. Learn the basic steps to change a flat tire all on your own with the help of our team at Steele Honda in St. Johns, NL. Continue reading to learn the steps to change a flat tire.

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