2024 Honda TrailSport Models

Check Out the Video of the Rugged 2024 Honda TrailSport Models

Video of the 2024 Honda TrailSport Lineup

Embrace the untamed forging paths and new frontiers with your new Honda TrailSport model without compromising power and comfort. Honda’s latest lineup introduces the 2024 Ridgeline, Passport, and Pilot, engineered to conquer any terrain with unmatched capability and flair. This trio boasts the rugged TrailSport models, featuring enhanced ground clearance, off-road tires, and all-wheel drive systems, redefining performance and innovation. Combining toughness with sophistication, each TrailSport model promises an unparalleled adventure. Keep reading this blog by the team of Steele Honda in St. John’s, NL, and learn more about these models. Scroll down to watch the video of the 2024 Honda TrailSport lineup and see them in action.

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Pouring new coolant into the radiator of a vehicle

Stay Cool on the Road: Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Cooling System

How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Cooling System 

As temperatures rise, keeping your car’s cooling system in top-notch condition becomes crucial for a smooth and trouble-free drive. Here’s a blog from Steele Honda on how to maintain your vehicle’s cooling system. If you need assistance with the following steps or any repairs, feel free to drop by our dealership in St. John’s, NL. 

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A 2022 Honda Civic Sedan speeding on a city road

Unlock the Secrets to a Longer Vehicle Lifespan  

Improve the lifespan of your vehicle  

Is your car showing signs of aging, leaving you wondering how to enhance its longevity? Fear not! Steele Honda has your back. We’ve curated expert tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Regular maintenance isn’t just about fixing issues as they arise; it’s about preventing them in the first place. Owning a vehicle is a long-term commitment, and Steele Honda is here to ensure your investment pays off. We all want our cars to age like fine wine, running smoothly for years without a hitch. The secret? Proper maintenance! In this blog post, we’ll unravel the mysteries of vehicle longevity and share practical tips to ensure your ride stands the test of time.  

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a Honda Accord with Honda Sensing

How Does the Traffic Sign Recognition Feature of the Honda Sensing® Work?

Traffic Sign Recognition with Honda Sensing®

In the fast-paced driving world, drivers need to stay aware of every road sign for a safe journey. Honda Sensing® takes this commitment to safety a step further with its traffic sign recognition feature. The innovative system utilizes advanced cameras to detect and recognize traffic signs, providing real-time information to the driver. Whether it’s speed limit changes, stop signs or other critical road indicators, the Traffic Sign Recognition feature ensures you’re always in the know. Join us in this blog by Steele Honda in St. John’s, NL, as we discover more about Traffic Sign Recognition with Honda Sensing® in this video below.

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One grey color Honda HR-V is running on the road.

Lease a New Honda in St. John’s, NL, with Steele Honda 

Lease a New Honda in St. John’s, NL  

Welcome to the gateway of unparalleled driving experiences – Steele Honda in St. John’s, NL. If you’ve ever dreamt of cruising the streets in a brand-new Honda, this is your golden opportunity. Join us in this blog as we dive into leasing and discover why Steele Honda stands out as your ultimate destination. Also, learn where to lease a New Honda in St. John’s, NL. 

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2024 Honda Accord parked in front of building

Where Can I Shop for Honda Vehicles with Navigation System in St. John’s, NL 

Honda Models with Navigation in St. John’s, NL  

In the bustling city of St. John’s, NL, where every turn could lead to a new adventure, having a reliable navigation system in your vehicle is not just a luxury but a necessity. Honda vehicles equipped with cutting-edge navigation technology stand out as the perfect choice for those who seek seamless journeys and stress-free travel. At Steele Honda dealership, we take pride in offering a range of Honda vehicles with top-notch navigation systems, ensuring that every driver explores convenience and efficiency.  

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Front Quarter View of the 2024 Honda Ridgeline

Get to Know the 2024 Honda Ridgeline: A Comprehensive Walkaround

Overview of the 2024 Honda Ridgeline 

Can you truly have it all in pickups—reliability, dependability, and unwavering quality? The answer is a resounding “Yes” with the 2024 Honda Ridgeline. For those in St. John’s, NL, seeking an excellent driving experience, consider making the 2024 Honda Ridgeline your next automotive companion at Steele Honda. Meanwhile, this blog provides an overview of the 2024 Honda Ridgeline. 

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A family near a car

Video: Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Road Trip

How to Conduct a Pre-Road Trip Inspection for a Smooth Adventure  

Preparing for a smooth road trip starts with a thorough vehicle inspection. From checking fluid levels to examining tire conditions and keeping all vital components in top shape, a comprehensive inspection is key. The informative video below covers all you need to prepare your vehicle for the journey ahead. You can get your vehicle serviced at Steele Honda, our dealership in St. John’s, NL.  

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