blue honda civic front side view

Honda Civic and CR-V Steering Wheel Features

What is the button on my Honda Civic vehicle’s steering wheel? 

The steering wheel may seem like a small part of your driving experience, but a well-designed steering wheel can add more convenience to your life. For example, a good steering wheel will incorporate multiple buttons for controlling other systems like audio or cruise control. This way, a driver can access important controls while keeping their hand on the wheel. Watch the video below to learn about Honda Civic and CR-V steering wheel features.  Read the rest of this entry >>

honda sensing sensor cleaning

Four Steps to Cleaning a Honda Vehicle’s Sensors

How to clean your Honda vehicle’s sensors

Honda Sensing features such as Adaptive Cruise Control or Lane Assist rely on sensors to work. These sensors are located in various places around your vehicle, including on the front end of your Honda vehicle. Unfortunately, weather conditions like snow can block a sensor, making it unable to work properly. You will still be able to drive your vehicle, but you won’t have the added luxury of Honda Sensing driver assistance features. You can fix this by keeping your sensors clean and unblocked. Below, we will describe the four steps to cleaning a Honda vehicle’s sensors.

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red honda ridgeline side view

2019 Honda Ridgeline Exterior Features

Does the bed of the Honda Ridgeline offer extra storage? 

When it comes to a good quality pickup truck, the bed is one of the most important features. The bed of your truck is where you will be storing your tools, equipment, and anything else you must move. Whether you use it for a job or for leisure, you will want ample space for your stuff. Below, we will talk about three of the best features of the bed of the 2019 Honda Ridgeline.  Read the rest of this entry >>

discover media display

Eight steps to pair a phone with your Honda HR-V vehicle

Video guide for how to pair a mobile phone with the Bluetooth in your Honda

Using Bluetooth in your Honda vehicle is one of the many benefits of choosing a Honda HR-V, but you won’t benefit much if you don’t know how to pair a phone with Bluetooth. Luckily, we are here to help. Watch the video below to view eight steps to pair a phone with your Honda HR-V vehicle and follow along in your own Honda.

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honda civic sedan top view

What is Honda Tech Tutor?

How to use Honda Tech Tutor on your smartphone 

Do you know what Honda Tech Tutor Is? Honda Tech Tutor is a way for you to learn about your Honda vehicle, focusing on all of the fun technology features that have been added over the years. You can use Honda Tech Tutor videos as visual walk-throughs to learn about certain vehicle features. Watch the video below to learn how to use Honda Tech Tutor to learn about Honda vehicles and technology. 

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honda head-up display

What is the Honda Head-Up Display?

Honda Head-Up Display features and uses 

You may have noticed that the 2020 Honda Accord Sedan and other Honda vehicles now come with the Honda Head-Up Display (HUD). The HUD is located at the front of the vehicle’s interior, on the dashboard behind the steering wheel. This location is ideal for the driver and the intention is to keep the driver focused on the road while still providing key information that the driver may need while driving. Below, continue reading to learn more about what the Honda Head-Up Display is and what it can do for you. 

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happy tire guy with a tire

Do my Honda vehicle’s tires need to be a certain size?

Why changing your Honda vehicle’s tire size is not a good idea

Do your Honda vehicle’s tires need to be a certain size? Actually, the answer is yes, they should be the given size of tires that your vehicle comes with. Many people choose to modify their vehicles by lifting the body, attaching larger tires, or other feature modifications. What those people probably don’t know is that most vehicle manufacturers, like Honda, do not recommend modifying their vehicle and even state reasons against doing so. The information below, on why changing your Honda vehicle’s tires is not a good idea, comes from Honda itself. 

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