A man walking towards a Honda car

Honda commercials featuring Team Liquid

What commercials were Team Liquid in with Honda? 

Did you know that Honda has partnered with members of Team Liquid for advertising in the past? Below, you can view four Honda commercials featuring Team Liquid, including the previous Team Liquid League of Legends player DoubleliftWhile some have moved on to other professional E-sport teams, all of the gamers below were once starring players on your favorite team. 

Four Honda commercials with members of Team Liquid 

Honda x Team Liquid | “It’s What You Do” ft. Doublelift video by Honda 

Honda x Team Liquid | “It Drivers Me” ft. Hungrybox video by Honda

Honda x Team Liquid | “Foresight” ft. Steve Arhancet video by Honda

Honda x Team Liquid | “Every Time” ft. Vivid video by Honda